Friday, April 24, 2009

Catching up....w/Coach Loom

Been awhile since I had free time to post on here. Work, coaching softball and attending to school and home activities has not allowed me much free time to access the computer at home. GHS JV softball team is 5-3 after knocking off Elmwood 6-5 tonight in a thriller second straight game we've won in our last at bat and still undefeated at home!

A fun group of girls who are coming together and continuing to improve! A good thing for me and I hope the girls can view me as someone other thatn the "mean old principal!"

Strange thing happened tn=onight, I logged on to the online course for learning podcasting that I have been participating in for the last three weeks and due to an executive order from the governor, our accesss to the course has been elimniated by budget freeze! Many unhappy students because we paid for this course! Stay tuned for updates!

Just signed up for a Twitter account. Anxious to see what the rage is all about!