Saturday, January 31, 2009

Northwest Ohio Weather and a Tribute to Uncle Nick and "Boney"

Man is it fun dealing with the 2009 winter in NW Ohio! More snow than we've had in a long time, and cold too! 3 above this morning at 9am. Snowfall last Tues-Wednesday of about 8-9" and now it's blowing like crazy still causing counties to go to level 2 and even leve 3 snow emergencies.

No fun being on crutches this winter let me tell you!

Sorry to hear about the passing of Uncle Nick and Kent's family dog "Boney" two great "guys" who will always be remembered for the joy they brought their families! Uncle Nick is now in heaven reuniting with old family and friends and I'll bet Boney and Skippy are telling each other tall tales about life with the Loomis kids in NC and OH:)

Our softball organization's Reverse Raffle is coming up on Feb 14th at the Moose Lodge in Fostoria. Hope the weather cooperates!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Britt is recovering from her procedures and I am recovering from my surgery. The good news is, they have discovered what was causing Britt's problems and it can be treated with medication and she should be back on her way to a full recovery very soon. I have been doing physical therapy and my ankle is painful but healing. I get my stitches out and will see if I can begin bearing any weigh on the ankle at my doctor's appointment on Monday!

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, prayers and support for Britt and I! We appreciate it!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Just found out on Thursday I need surgery on my right ankle. Been having this problem for 18 months so I guess it's time to get it done. Actually the doctor didn't give me a choice, has to be done now or more problems will be in the near future.
Surgery is sscheduled for Monday at 2;30pm.

Will update as soon as I am able.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Opening Blog

Life is full of twists and turns, there certainly isn't a user's manual for parenting! Our youngest daughter has been battling a mysterious illness for 8 weeks now and it has turned her life upside down. Last night she found out that you never know who you can and can't trust... One of her classsmates at school and one of her basketball teammates was nasty on the text messaging on the phone telling her she had no business on the basketball team because she has missed so many practices. If she's sick, she should just drag a trash can out to practice and throw up in it when necessary. She further went on to state that the only reason Bubby made the team was because her dad is the principal.

What is frustrating is her coaches were aware of Bubby's illness and apparently haven't shared it with the team (or at least how sick she has been). Bubby's meeting with the coach tomorrow and i am afraid she's going to hang up her basketball shoes. This is certainly a difficult thing to deal with as an old coach, I don't ever want a kid to quit a team, but this drama is not worth the stress it's causing Bubby. She needs to focus on getting healthy and relieve the stress of the drama the hoops season has been causing.

Hopefully the tests at the hospital scheduled for next week will give us some answers and relieve some frustrations!