Saturday, January 31, 2009

Northwest Ohio Weather and a Tribute to Uncle Nick and "Boney"

Man is it fun dealing with the 2009 winter in NW Ohio! More snow than we've had in a long time, and cold too! 3 above this morning at 9am. Snowfall last Tues-Wednesday of about 8-9" and now it's blowing like crazy still causing counties to go to level 2 and even leve 3 snow emergencies.

No fun being on crutches this winter let me tell you!

Sorry to hear about the passing of Uncle Nick and Kent's family dog "Boney" two great "guys" who will always be remembered for the joy they brought their families! Uncle Nick is now in heaven reuniting with old family and friends and I'll bet Boney and Skippy are telling each other tall tales about life with the Loomis kids in NC and OH:)

Our softball organization's Reverse Raffle is coming up on Feb 14th at the Moose Lodge in Fostoria. Hope the weather cooperates!

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